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TINA ★★★★

T.J.Martin, Daniel Lindsay

Tina Turner’s life, by her own admission, has been difficult. From the tortuous marriage that’s well documented, to the years of having to discuss that trauma with the media, Tina hasn’t had things easy. This documentary, told over five “parts”, serves as part of a swan song for the legendary artist and is the perfect send off to a singer we will never forget.

A big part of the runtime of this documentary talks about Turner’s early life and her relationship with Ike Turner. It’s not surprising that this is the case as it is clear that it dominated her life before and after the relationship. Turners attempts to escape this story never really ended and hopefully this will draw a line through things. There is a feeling that the singer is at peace with her past though as she talks about events more objectively than in some of the earlier interviews.

Gladly we are treated to the amazing music that has studded Turner’s career. Each song is cleverly presented symbolically to reflect the story that’s being told while the visuals and portraits of the singer really pop. The live performances though are what stand out, with Turner’s visceral energy still as breathtaking as it always was. Her dreams of being a rockstar were evident and it’s a joy to see those dreams play out while changing the musical landscape in the process.

This is a poignant documentary that feels like a true portrait of the life of a legend and should definitely be on your watch list.

TINA available now on HBO Max and Sky Documentaries

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