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Catching Up With...Al Pacino

We watch five films we've never seen before from legendary actor Al Pacino

Al Pacino is one of the most legendary, most iconic actors to have ever walked the planet. He's a force to be reckoned with on screen and I'm excited every time he crops up. But there are a few Pacino shaped holes in my film knowledge, and with The Godfather turning 50 years old this year, what better time to expand that knowledge!


Actor: Al Pacino

Age: 82

Breakout Film: The Panic in Needle Park

Feature Film Credits: 52 (check below to see where he ranks amongst other actors)

Academy Award Nominations: 9

FILM 1 - Glengarry Glen Ross

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What a cast! Alec Baldwin, Jack Lemmon, Ed Harris, and of course Mr Al Pacino. He is absolutely hilarious in this play-like drama that knows exactly it's pace and the strength of its actors. ★★★★

FILM 2 - Heat


A great opening to an excellent film! It's Al Pacino's characters story with his wife that I was most intrigued by. He struggles to balance his work and his life, a theme so relatable in a world so intense. The bathtub scene and the events after are insanely well acted by Pacino...his eyes say 1000 words. ★★★★

FILM 3 - Donnie Brasco


Al Pacino is so bloody funny. With each new film I watch I love him even more, and with each new performance you're transported to a completely unique life. Although he often plays similar characters, he finds nuance in every single one. ★★★★

FILM 4 - Jack & Jill

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I chose this as one of the films because I couldn't believe that Al Pacino would ever say yes to a film where Adam Sandler plays a male and a female twin. God this film is obnoxious and terrible and even badly edited, but I have even more respect for Al Pacino for throwing himself into this with as much dedication as he does. The man does a Dunkin' Donut rap. ★

FILM 5 - Dog Day Afternoon

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One of the greatest performances I've ever ever seen! You can see Pacino calculating every possibility whilst he deteriorates further and further in to chaos with every second. Unhinged little twitches guide this performance and thereby film to glory. ★★★★★

I've fallen in love with Pacino doing this. I always knew he was one of the best, but this has really showcased why! I'm yet to see a bad performance from him and watching these five (well four) brilliant films has firmly solidified him as one of my favourite actors of all time.

The Godfather in select cinemas throughout the year, or available to rent or buy now

Legend Status (based on feature film appearances):

  1. Nicolas Cage - 105

  2. Al Pacino - 52

  3. Sandra Bullock - 50

  4. Bradley Cooper - 46

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