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Catching Up With...Bradley Cooper

We watch five films we've never seen before from legendary actor Bradley Cooper

In October 2021, Ellis watched five Horror films he'd never seen before, and rated the experience, taking you the readers on the journey. We have decided to turn that in to a returning feature in which we watch five of the most popular films from a legendary actor that we haven't seen and document the experience. For the first of these, the actor whose films we're catching up with is star of recent releases Licorice Pizza and Nightmare Alley...Bradley Cooper.


Actor: Bradley Cooper

Age: 47

First Film: Wet Hot American Summer

Feature Film Credits: 46

Academy Award Nominations: 4

I first remember knowing of Bradley Cooper in Joe Carnahan's The A-Team, but didn't really appreciate his acting potential until seeing A Star is Born. He is an actor that anyone would surely be unbelievably intimidated to act opposite, and that's purely because he seems so passionate about every role he takes. Whether singing his heart out, acting hungover or voicing a raccoon (that's not really a raccoon), he always brings his A-game, and these five films will surely make me think of him even more fondly. (Ellis)



First up is a film I've wanted to watch since its release, but have never got round to. Although it sometimes struggles to find the right tone, it all adds to the eccentricity of this will-they-won't-they romantic comedy. Bradley Cooper shows that he can go from kind and timid to loud and unpredictable in the push of a button, and his chemistry with Jennifer Lawrence is unreal. That dance scene will live long in my memory. ★★★★


Rented on Prime

This film has its problems and is unbelievably long, but scenes with Cooper in have an extra spurt of energy that actually keeps things moving. He often plays persistent characters and it radiates an electric energy. ★★★



This is inferior to its predecessor, but again Cooper holds it together. I don't whether I'm becoming biased because of this blog, but he never puts a foot wrong. I didn't laugh once at this, always a problem when you're film's supposedly a comedy... ★★



Bradley Cooper often plays hot heads, and this is no exception. The plot is basically 'man shoots things good' but it's good to spend time with Cooper's portrayal of Chris Kyle. It's not my favourite performance of his if I'm honest, I struggled to relate to him and he didn't let us in to his character as openly as he usually does, but I sure was rooting for him and his family by the end. ★★★



He's chaotic but brilliant. You feel safe when you're with him and there's something so refreshing about his limited film appearances; he values his roles! By this point you all know who "he" is, and I have a feeling we will for many years to come. He's one of the best actors working right now and I can't wait to see what he does next. This blog could've very nearly been a Robert De Niro feature as he appears in three out of five of the films in discussion. ★★★★

Although only one of the five new films I've watched have made it onto the Top 5 Bradley Cooper films list, I've thoroughly enjoyed my time with the actor. He always gives 100% and never gives a half-arsed performance. Even in something like The Hangover or Wedding Crashers his heart is completely in's so refreshing to see.

Nightmare Alley and Licorice Pizza still available in select cinemas now

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