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Catching Up With...Cameron Diaz

We watch five films we've never seen before from legendary actor Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz has been retired now since 2014, after she appeared as Miss Hannigan in the Annie remake (not that her experience on the film was the reason for her resignation from acting. But with an announcement that she'd be returning to star in an upcoming Netflix movie, and a fifth Shrek instalment supposedly round the corner, it seems an ideal time to watch some of her work that I've never got round to watching.

Diaz has always has a versatility in her performance. Just by the fact that she appeared in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and There's Something About Mary in the same year shows that she can deliver on any task given to her. She has a funny yet calming energy that makes any film featuring the actress so watchable, regardless the quality.

Her debut came in the Jim Carrey starring The Mask, where she made an instant impact and went on to star alongside Jennifer Aniston, Keanu Reeves and Julia Roberts in just the next few years; some of the biggest names in the business in the 90's which boosted Diaz' credibility too.

Though despite that likeability and quality she has been somewhat let down by Hollywood. Appearing in a lot of bad films with the occasional gem solidifying her relevance. It was her turn as Fiona in Shrek and as Natalie in Charlie's Angels that made her the legend that we see her as today, and lead her to form a partnership with Tom Cruise appearing in three films with the action hero and then other classics like Gangs of New York, Bad Teacher and of course The Holiday.

Now, with many rumours surrounding Diaz' upcoming project, her return seems a little more uncertain, but we can but hope that she'll turn over a few more classics for us to rewatch for years to come...


Actor: Cameron Diaz

Age: 50

Early Jobs: Model

Breakout Film: The Mask

Feature Film Credits: 45 (check below to see where she ranks amongst other actors)

Academy Award Nominations: 0

FILM 1 - Charlie's Angels


The opening of this is ridiculous. And it continues to be ridiculous, never really maintaining my attention. It doesn't help that it's aged terribly but this just feels like everything that was wrong with 00's Hollywood; I cringed so many times in disbelief. Not a great start to my Diaz watching, though as usual, the actress herself gave it everything. ★

FILM 2 - Being John Malkovich


For a while I couldn't decide if this was absolutely brilliant or utterly bizarre...then I realised it's both. So unafraid to be what is is, this just works on every single level and is one of those films I've become instantly obsessed with. This is one of the best Cameron Diaz performances I've ever seen. She has a pet chimp and still comes across as the relatable character. Immense! ★★★★★

FILM 3 - The Other Woman


There's a quality to Diaz's performance that makes any film instantly better. That said, this one is pretty hard to love. It's predictable and chaotic and never that fun. The moment of comeuppance for the antagonist though is truly worth the wait. ★★

FILM 4 - There's Something About Mary


No matter how likeable Cameron Diaz may be in this film, everything that surrounds her is so obnoxious. She is the only reason this film has become the cult classic that it's seen as today and that is why she deserves legend status. ★★

FILM 5 - Shrek (rewatch)


I ran out of films available to me that I haven't seen, and so a rewatch was the only option.

Every single voice performance in that first Shrek film is note perfect, you completely forget it's Cameron Diaz voicing Fiona, you're just watching a fully fleshed-out character. As independent and savvy as Diaz in her own life, Fiona is at her best in the first film of the franchise.

So one of my watches made it into second place in the overall ranking, but I always enjoy my time with Cameron Diaz on the big (or small) screen. I hope that this isn't all we get from her, I imagine she may still have her best performance to The Holiday 2. Come on, you know you want it!

Shrek available now on NowTVand Sky Cinema

Legend Status (based on feature film appearances):

  1. Nicolas Cage - 105

  2. Keanu Reeves - 71

  3. Sigourney Weaver - 65

  4. Al Pacino - 52

  5. Sandra Bullock - 50

  6. Brendan Fraser - 49

  7. Bradley Cooper - 46

  8. Cameron Diaz - 45

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