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Catching Up With...Sandra Bullock

We watch five films we've never seen before from legendary actress Sandra Bullock

I've seen most of Sandra Bullock's big hitters, but after her announcement that she will be retiring from acting (after the release of The Lost City & Bullet Train) it felt like a good time to catch up on those few that I'd missed. She's received mixed reception in years gone by, but I always think there's something comforting about her performance style, and it's her consistency that gives her that legend status.


Actor: Sandra Bullock

Age: 57

Breakout Film: Speed

Feature Film Credits: 50

Academy Award Nominations: 2

FILM 1 - While You Were Sleeping


Full Disclosure: I had no idea that this was a Christmas film before I hit play, but it's fine because it wasn't that festive in the end. There are a lot of very unlikeable characters in this and Sandra Bullock's character should just tell the truth...the reason for her not to just isn't enough to justify the shenanigans she gets up to. ★★

FILM 2 - Bird Box


The concept feels a bit insensitive. In general, it's a big fat 'meh' of a movie that doesn't let you spend time with its favourable characters as it jumps between present day and the past, therefore creating no real suspense. Sandra Bullock is great though! ★★★

FILM 3 - The Heat


When I switch on an out-and-out comedy I expect to laugh at least once, and I didn't. None of the jokes land and it uses expletives far too often to try and enhance an already damp gag. Sandra Bullock does all she can but the script doesn't demand her to do too much with her comedy ability in the same way that The Lost City or Miss Congeniality do. ★

FILM 4 - Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous


Not as funny or anywhere near as charming as the first. But I've got to ask, and I hope that somebody out there can provide me with an answer: how and why was the Chicken Run music playing at the end? I did some research and this doesn't seem to be a piece of music used anywhere else other than honestly one of my favourite films of all time. It therefore became the best moment because Aardman are superior, but I'm unbelievably confused and need answers! ★★

FILM 5 - Ocean's Eight

Rent or Buy

I didn't know that Sandra Bullock was the lead in this but I equally didn't think it strange when the film began and she was; she's so easy to watch! The film is a bit of fun but doesn't have the slickness that Ocean's Eleven has, and there's never any tension because nothing ever goes wrong. ★★★

So none of the films I've watched for this blog have appeared on the Top 5, but that's not to say I didn't have fun. The news of her retirement is genuinely upsetting as she's always a great addition to a cast; hopefully she'll be back in years to come! After all, Miss Congeniality 3 is the film we're all waiting for...right?

Bullet Train in cinemas from 5th August 2022

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