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Catching Up With...Sigourney Weaver

We watch five films we've never seen before from legendary actor Sigourney Weaver

One thing's for certain, Sigourney Weaver is a total badass. She is one of those actors who you don't think you've seen much of, but then when you start to list her films you realise that she crops up all over the place. Now, as the intrigue surrounds her performance as a child in Avatar: The Way of Water, it seemed as good a time as any to go through five of her performances that we've never seen...including that return to Pandora.


Actor: Sigourney Weaver

Age: 73

Breakout Film: Annie Hall

Feature Film Credits: 65 (check below to see where she ranks amongst other actors)

Academy Award Nominations: 3

FILM 1 - Galaxy Quest

Rent or Buy

This is great fun! Sigourney Weaver stands next to Alan Rickman and Tim Allen and all three are hilarious in completely unique ways. Weaver knows how tongue-in-cheek her performance should be yet still treats it with an utterly serious attitude. ★★★★

FILM 2 - Working Girl


The first time you see Sigourney walk in to frame in this film, the whole office goes quiet. She commands the screen too, as soon as she enters you're engrossed in her talent. ★★★

FILM 3 - Alien 3


I think the first two alien films do such a good job of making Ellen Ripley one of the most badass characters on film; this taints all of the work done before and instead makes something rather bland and rather bleak. ★★

FILM 4 - The Village


Sigourney's not in this one much but when she is she's stellar. The film is covered in enigma codes as is to be expected for a Shyamalan film and the twist is a good one, but the story leaves a lot to be desired. ★★★

FILM 5 - Avatar: The Way of Water


I didn't love it as much as everyone else seems to. Sigourney Weaver plays a teenager in this, which takes a while to get used to, but her performance towards the end is fantastic. She's definitely the character you're most invested in. What a crazy idea that somehow pays off. ★★★

I can't say that watching these films has altered my opinion of Sigourney Weaver. She's still fantastic and commands most scenes while still offering some comfort to an audience who know her so well. Her Ellen Ripley will forever be her best though.

Avatar: The Way of Water in select cinemas now

Legend Status (based on feature film appearances):

  1. Nicolas Cage - 105

  2. Sigourney Weaver - 65

  3. Al Pacino - 52

  4. Sandra Bullock - 50

  5. Bradley Cooper - 46

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