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Creation Stories ★★

Nick Moran

Starring Ewen Bremner, Suki Waterhouse, Richard Jobson, Thomas Turgoose, Jason Isaacs

There's a well-renowned genre in British cinema of the crime-induced, black comedy drama with a drug subplot. Trainspotting, This is England and many Guy Ritchie films have all fallen into that bracket; and now Nick Moran's Creation Stories has added to the genre. Though not to the same effect.

The biopic focuses on the founder of Creation Records Alan McGee; the manager who most famous discovered a little band known as Oasis. But this exploration of McGee's life is surprisingly thin. The story focuses more on the drug abuse that possessed his life and therefore the interesting plot points that an audience would want to explore feel rushed and unexplored. Alan McGee is one of the most influential names in British music history and the film doesn't glorify him as that in any way.

Whatever Trainspotting and This is England had is missing here. That balance of dark comedy and dramatic through line hasn't been accomplished here. And no matter how hard Ewen Bremner (McGee) tries to bring the music mogul to life, the screenplay just sends him on drug trips through overused expletives and fits of rage.

A strange structured biopic filled with shouting, cursing and cameos galore; and although featuring an expectedly brilliant soundtrack, the film ironically lacks substance.

Creation Stories available now on NowTV and Sky Cinema

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