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Emily ★★★

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Frances O'Connor

Starring Emma Mackey, Fionn Whitehead, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Alexandra Dowling

Emily centres around the brief life of English writer Emily Brontë before she wrote the now famous novel, Wuthering Heights.

Although the core message of womanhood and rebellion held strength throughout, this story lacked a few exhilarating and uplifting moments to help keep viewers immersed in the fascinating world of Brontë.

Worthy mentions of performance should be made for Emma Mackey who plays Brontë, Fionn Whitehead as her rebelling influence of a brother Branwell and above all, the sound used throughout Frances O'Connor's directing debut.

When experiencing a glimpse of the talented mind of Miss Brontë, the use of sound, particularly when it comes to nature, certainly adds to the emotional power behind this story.

There are also thriller-style tones when darker thoughts and themes were at the forefront of the narrative. This is unfortunately mixed with a strange choice of editing when it comes to jumping through time, but nevertheless, it still makes an impact.

It's a worthy watch whether you're familiar with Brontë's work or not, but be warned that the amplified sound of a quill on paper isn't for the faint hearted.

Emily available in cinemas from 14th October 2022

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