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Emily in Paris ★★★

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Darren Star

Starring Lily Collins, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Ashley Park, Lucas Bravo, Camille Razat

Ah Emily in Paris, où commençons-nous? Before watching the new Netflix series Emily in Paris (written by Sex and the City creator, Darren Star) I had heard mixed reviews. One side of the comments were negative reflections showcasing the 10 episodes as a cheesy, American/French stereotype showreel and the other side were all friends telling me I’d love it.

If there’s anything I can say about this show to sum it up is that it’s very easy watching. You could easily dip in and out and still have a strong grasp on the storyline.

I do have to agree with the 'negative Nancy’s' who disliked the series and its stereotypes. It was very apparent throughout that some representations were over-amplified for comedic or dramatic affect, but isn’t that the same for almost every TV show? London is never perceived how London actually is for locals and likewise for New York and so on. It was clear that the over the top rudeness of the french characters Emily stumbles across was purely provided to aid the narrative, but it was easier to let it slide.

I thought the representation of the marketing industry was brilliant and I felt myself able to relate to the daily struggles and chaos of the role Emily was thrown into. It was slightly frustrating however that just from posting selfies with the odd hashtag, Emily managed to become an influencer who comes up with big brand campaigns in a matter of seconds... I don't think it's that easy!

This comedy/drama had some funny and light hearted moments with an element of romance hidden around the city of love. I did find the ending quite predictable, however it did leave me wanting more with the hint of a potential second series in the ropes.

The editing was modern and fun with added graphics at key moments which reflected Emily’s role as a social media account manager and influencer. The beautiful shots of Paris and the risqué styles worn and styled by Lily Collins almost made the show more watchable and could possible be the main reason for my higher three star rating.

The soundtrack for the series matched classical French tunes to popular chart music, which amplified the narrative arc following an American (who doesn’t speak french) on her journey in Paris.

Overall, I would recommend giving Emily in Paris a watch if you have a soft spot for romance and cheesy TV. If you focus on strong narrative progression and character development and aren’t so keen on the beautiful sights of Paris and killer (but also slightly questionable) outfits then I’d maybe give this one a miss.

Au revoir!

Emily in Paris available now on Netflix

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