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Glass Onion ★★★★

Rian Johnson

Starring Daniel Craig, Janelle Monáe, Edward Norton, Kate Hudson, Kathryn Hahn

Knives Out is a hard act to follow. It's not often these days that an original story creates as much long-standing excitement and rewatching as the original did. The build up to Glass Onion has stirred an excitement that only the MCU has managed of late. It's finally time to dive in to the world Detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) to see how the other half live.

Right from the off we're invited on to the rollercoaster of puzzles, smoke, mirrors and mystery as the new Blanc suspects have to work out what's in the delivery they have received from their old friend Miles (Edward Norton). It's a fun beginning and gets us in the spirit before things really get going. Benoit Blanc himself is at a loose end when he receives the box and is flown to an island with the others soon after.

Once we arrive, everything is larger than life. The lush island contrasts with the relative claustrophobic setting of the original, giving us a larger scope, while the richer and diverse cast give Blanc more to play with. And play he does! This movie is truly joyful as we are swept from one perspective to another. It takes its time to show its hand, but once it does, every minute is pure delight. By the end you are under no illusion as to why this series has legs.

Although an ensemble piece, two of the cast members stand above the rest. Janelle Monáe is arresting from the moment we see her and remains a cool and precise presence. Although a match to Daniel Craig, his Benoit Blanc is what we're all here for. He is endlessly watchable, comic but mysterious in equal measure; Craig need not worry about being trapped in Bond's image.

The themes of the 'evil hyper rich' and the ruthless face of capitalism are only explored at surface level. This is fine by me, as it seemed more of a nod to the song that is the movie's namesake, rather than anything too deep. To listen to the song, is to understand what Rian Johnson was going for, and it works neatly with the classic detective vibe.

This film is a huge success. It's fun, cinematic and looks gorgeous (Daniel Craig's loungewear anyone!?). Coming from nowhere, the Knives Out series has now established itself as new reason for us all to flock to the pictures.

Glass Onion available now on Netflix

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