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His House ★★★★

Remi Weekes

Starring Sopè Dirisù, Wunmi Mosaku, Matt Smith, Malaika Wakoli-Abigaba

Coming in to this movie blind, you would be forgiven for wondering what genre you are watching. Is it a drama depicting the harsh reality of the migrant crisis, or is it a horror movie?

When the horror elements first started to show themselves I felt as though I could do without it. I would rather see their world expand and get all too brief a glimpse in to a life most people can't even begin to imagine. But it's within the horror elements that the grief, pain and guilt are highlighted.

Rather than feeling terror for what was lurking behind the walls, I felt some of the pain and uncertainty of new surroundings, of trauma that went before, and for a constantly uncertain future being treated like an alien.

Acted brilliantly by both Dirisù and Monsaku, this is a "horror" movie that the world needs more of.

His House available now on Netflix

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