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Ms Marvel ★★★★

Bilall Fallah, Adil El Arbi, Meera Menon, Samina Ahmad

Starring Iman Vellani, Yasmeen Fletcher, Matt Lintz, Mohan Kapoor, Zenobia Shroff, Rish Shah

And here we are again, to discuss yet another Marvel project; and as more MCU additions come our way what feels like weekly, it's best at this point to value each as its own entity. And to that with new Marvel show Ms Marvel is an easy task.

Kamala Khan has a popular run of c0mics, and Marvel fans have been calling out for her to be added to the MCU roster. Iman Vellani plays the titular role in the show, a show that pushes Marvel's wider representation further as it details the world of a teenage, Pakistani-Amercan and her florid culture.

The show does well to introduce us to a new character, and instead of drip-feeding you it's world, writers Bisha K. Ali and Sana Amanat highlight the beauty in the Islam faith, and let the intricacy in plot follow after. Because of this formula it does feel like it's struggling to find its feet, but as Kamala's powers grow stronger, so does the show's confidence.

By the end of the 6-part series, you have experienced a top class superhero origin story, a classic Marvel good vs evil bout that has a refreshing amount of layers, and a cultural hit that explores a world not nearly represented enough in Western culture.

Certain technicalities are changed from the comics, but for the most part it's for the better, as we support a kick-ass teenager who is learning who she is as a superhero and as a Muslim kid growing up in Jersey City. In the end, it all creates something pretty special, or as Kamala would say...cosmic!

Ms Marvel available now on Disney+

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