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October Fright Nights: Halloween

Ellis watches 'Halloween' for the first time in Fright Night number 2

It is even unbelievable to me that I haven't seen this absolute classic. But it's one of those films that everyone else seems to have watched but I never have. This is one that I know is going to be jumpy...I know is going to be put it on late at night (11pm) was the sweet spot for me, and get ready for a treat...or trick I guess.

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Fright Night Film: Halloween

Release Date: 1978

Directed by: John Carpenter

Starring: Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasence, Nancy Kyes, P.J. Soles, Tony Moran

Successful Jump Scares: 3


It's all of the technicalities written below that make this creepy. But Michael Myers is really something else. The use of breathing to make an audience understand who's perspective we're seeing the events of the film from makes things so much more suspenseful.


Why did nobody turn the lights on? In a Horror film if you're going into a house that a) isn't yours and b) has creepy things going on it, you would find the light switch first. The story is simple to follow and gripping; you engage with the characters instantly and the plot doesn't need to be overly complex to keep you captivated.


The opening hand-held scene is brilliant. It gets under your skin right at the beginning of the movie. Considering the film's low budget and simple camerawork, it's unbelievably eery.


John Carpenter not only directed the film, but he composed the iconic score too. And when that music plays over the opening credits you're already feeling a little nervous. It does a similar thing as the tubular bells theme from The Exorcist. You could never watch this film muted as the sound is possibly the most pivotal part to making this film a success.


Jamie Lee Curtis plays the leading role of Laurie with so much power and boldness. Although she breaks down at the end you have to consider how much she's been through. Up until that point she had the guts to check up on her friends, and Jamie Lee Curtis' performance from start to finish is incredibly strong, and perfect for a Horror movie.

Halloween available now on Netflix

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