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October Fright Nights: The Conjuring

Ellis watches 'The Conjuring' for the first time and documents the evidence

The penultimate Fright Night of the year is The Conjuring. It's a film that I've wanted to watch for such a long time and know it's going to be a creepy one. I have a feeling it'll be a standard jump scare-filled horror made to make you check behind you as you climb the stairs at night. Let's find out!

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Fright Night Film: The Conjuring

Release Date: 2013

Directed by: James Wan

Starring: Patrick Wilson, Vera Farmiga, Lili Taylor, Ron Livingston

Successful Jump Scares: 5


Dolls, creepy kids, mirrors, exorcisms, creaky doors, music boxes, a crooked tree, shows just the right amount of the evil entity to keep it scary, and builds suspense incredibly well.


I don't think it sets things up in the best way but it finds its feet really quickly. From there it interweaves story so well and keeps all the characters relevant.


It looks quite cheap to begin with but I think that's the point; as it moves forward you get used to the aesthetic and the creepiness of the house makes that all the more easy. The setting of the film and the costume pieces seem to relate to Salem and the witches that the film has discord about.


Drones. AHHHHHHH. Wahwahwah. BOOM!


Integral lines of dialogue are delivered with a sense of knowing that an audience needs to appreciate the severity of the disturbance. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga in particular are so great in the lead roles. They treat the work with the serious tone it needs to work, especially though a modern lens it could become silly and it never does.

The Conjuring available to rent or buy now

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