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Pam & Tommy ★★★

Craig Gillespie, Lake Bell, Gwyneth Horder-Payton, Hannah Fidell

Starring Lily James, Sebastian Stan, Nick Offerman, Seth Rogen, Taylor Schilling, Adam Ray

Pam & Tommy is an eight episode series on Hulu and Disney+ that follows the story of famous couple Pamela Anderson (Lily James) and Tommy Lee (Sebastian Stan) having their honeymoon sex tape stolen and leaked to the public.

From start to finish, the performances from both James and Stan are incredible. Their chemistry is undeniable and their likeness to the real-life celebrities is certainly a masterpiece worth witnessing.

From hair and makeup through to accents and mannerisms, scenes with these two together are hard to look away from. As well as moments of chaos and romance there are also layers of sadness and serenity that feel unexpected, especially given the existing preconceptions that are out there concerning this particular story from back in the 90s.

The series begins as a true romance, showcasing the blossoming relationship between the Baywatch star and the Motley Crüe drummer. The plot does take a quick turn from the honeymoon phase of their fast-paced relationship to a trauma-centred invasion of privacy that leads to both Pamela and Tommy facing the consequences in both personal and professional situations. Pamela's story shows an honest and shocking representation of the prejudice battles at hand for women in the modelling and TV industries.

Pam and Tommy's relationship will certainly turn this into a binge-worthy series, however this meant there were moments towards the end where any scene that didn't star them and showed other storylines such as Seth Rogen's performance as Rand Gauthier felt unnecessary. This left some of the pacing feeling a little frustrating; however if you're a fan of a good montage or you're comfortable with (possibly too much) nudity, then this is definitely the next series to add to your watchlist!

Pam & Tommy available now on Disney+

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