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The Devil All the Time ★★★

Antonio Campos

Starring Tom Holland, Bill Skarsgård, Riley Keough, Sebastian Stan, Robert Pattinson

In an autumnal wilderness of solitude, The Devil All the Time showcases the different relationships one can have with God and Christianity alike.

Antonio Campos' aim was not completely clear towards the start of the picture, though as storylines intertwined more became relevant and therefore necessary. It wasn't until about 45 minutes in that the film managed to find it's pace, which coincidentally is when Tom Holland entered. He is exceptionally anxious throughout the entire film; for a star that we associate so closely with a particular spider related superhero, he couldn't be further away from that here. Holland was able to convey the torment that his character had endured just through the squint of an eye. And the tension that he and Pattinson created in the chapel was butt clenching.

A lot of the cast mumble their way through the lines and the Southern accents that are being replicated are hard to understand at various points. Riley Keough and Harry Melling give the standout performances for me. Seeing a grown-up Dudley Dursley on screen delivering an emotionally powerful sermon was much appreciated. And Sandy (Keough) having so much heart for a character being abused and tortured pushed hope into an audience who don't wish to see any of their victims get hurt. But apart from these the performers weren't able to keep me gripped and excited for which bits of drama were to next unfold.

An accurate and aesthetic depiction of a 1950's/60's America which lets Tom Holland show off his less comedic tone. However many of the performances leave a lot to be desired and the length of the film lets down what could have been a simply compelling story.

The Devil All the Time available now on Netflix

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