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Scene Standoff: Anchorman vs. Big

The A Capella musical number 'Afternoon Delight' from Anchorman vs. the infamous piano scene from the 80's classic Big.

If you've clicked on this wondering what's going on, then click on the link here to read the rules of the Scene Standoff:

'Afternoon Delight' - Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

In a memorable scene in the first Anchorman film, Ron Burgundy and the gang breakout in to their version of the Starland Vocal Band song 'Afternoon Delight'. The harmonies are on point and it is hilariously random.

- Ellis' scene

The 'Heart and Soul' Piano Scene - Big

A huge piano in a toy shop...there's only one option for Tom Hanks' Josh Baskin and his boss MacMillan (Robert Loggia); to play that damn piano. And the slight glances and odd duff note make it even more heartwarming.

- Gareth's scene


*expletive warning*

Ellis - italics

Gareth - bold


I am going straight out, I know the performance in Big is great, but the harmonies that those boys hit in Anchorman...

...are delightful.

Especially if you watch it in the afternoon.

It's when they come back in after they've chatted, and then they walk off.

So good!

The performance of that scene in Big though is lovely. Tom Hanks' performance in the whole film is iconic and I think this scene has made the film more iconic.

Not to be that guy but they do hit the odd duff note.

But the duff notes make it better.

Anchorman - 9/10 Big - 9/10


Neither of the scenes are particularly needed in the film. However the piano scene is the highlight of Big.

The whole point with Anchorman is that none of it is really necessary.

That is the whole point.

Anchorman - 6/10 Big - 8/10


Big is very reference-worthy. I mean I don't know if you've ever seen a big piano.

I have and you've got to jump on it when you see one.

And replicate that song.

Afternoon Delight is just referencing another song.

Yeah, however it was referenced a lot at the time. But then, that's not what we're on about...we're talking about things that stick with people.

And I don't think that scene has.

Anchorman - 3/10 Big - 6/10

POPULARITY (using Letterboxd for reference)

I've got Letterboxd locked and loaded.

I haven't. I can't spell Anchorman for some reason.

Well the average rating for Big is 3.6/5.

Ooh, for Anchorman it's an average rating of 3.5.


What were the bloody chances. We both gave Anchorman 4 stars.

You gave Big a 4/5 and I haven't watched in years so don't have a rating.

Anchorman - 3.5 Big - 3.6


So, on a scale of Afternoon Delights, how iconic is this film? So we're talking low end of the scale is you walk into the kitchen and your cat's done a s**t on the floor. High end of the scale, sitting down with a cup of tea and reading a magazine.

Big is delightful so I'd probably say it's like an afternoon tea.

Wow! I would say the scene in Anchorman is putting the washing out, but it's a warm day.

Yeah, nice!

You don't want to put the washing out but at least it's sunny.

And it's going to dry quite quick.

Exactly. But the afternoon tea is definitely higher and more iconic.

Anchorman - Putting washing out on a warm day Big - Afternoon tea



Anchorman 0-4 Big

As good as those harmonies are they're not as iconic as that legendary piano scene. Tom Hanks and Robert Loggia are equally charming and upon rewatches of the film, you're sat waiting for that moment of pure joy.

The film is full of iconic moments: from Josh and Billy's rap about "space going down down" and "shimmy shimmy coco rocks" all the way to Josh returning to his former self.

Big isn't the only Tom Hanks film that will feature in these Scene Standoff's, and maybe we'll see Hanks vs. Hanks in a future round. Will it be Gump? Or maybe Woody the cowboy, we shall see...

Current Standings: G - 2 E - 1



Big available now on Disney+

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