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Scene Standoff: Cast Away vs. Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Wilson the volleyball floating away from Chuck Noland's grip in Cast Away vs. Arnie busting up the bar at the start of T2: Judgement Day.

If you've clicked on this wondering what's going on, then click on the link here to read the rules of the Scene Standoff:

"Wilson!" - Cast Away

Tom Hanks screams and cries for his only friend, Wilson the volleyball as he floats away into the ocean. Without that volleyball, Hanks' Chuck Noland will turn into a suffering, struggling survivor, and his loneliness pushes him to a new state of urgency.

- Ellis' scene

Arnie goes to the bar - Terminator 2: Judgement Day

As Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator arrives on our Earth once again, he makes way to a rowdy bar to retrieve some clothes, and a motorcycle. He does so with expert (if not a little rigid) style and smashes up whoever steps in his way.

- Gareth's scene


Ellis - italics

Gareth - bold


See even though Arnie's performance is good, it's probably as rigid as Wilson's performance.

I mean it's meant to be but yeah it's so rigid.

He's naked for a lot of it as well.

So that adds a point...I mean takes off a point! But the performance of that Wilson scene is amazing.

A lot of people cry watching it. I cried.

So it's got to be full marks.

CAST AWAY - 10/10 TERMINATOR 2 - 5/10


Tom Hanks after losing Wilson is sent into a frenzy. The mood shifts.

He's lost.

That volleyball was containing his last bit of sanity.

I'm sorry to T2 but without the bar scene, all it's going to mean is that Arnie will have less clothes for longer.

Yeah, he just has to go somewhere else for clothes.

CAST AWAY - 7/10 TERMINATOR 2 - 2/10


What does Terminator say in this scene?

He says "I need your clothes! I need to use your bathroom!"

Yeah okay but I still think just shouting "Wilson!" is horrific.

And every time you're in a swimming pool you've got to reference it,

Or in Sports Direct!

CAST AWAY - 7/10 TERMINATOR 2 - 7/10

POPULARITY (using Letterboxd for reference)

I need to watch the new Terminator it looks really good.

I've only watched the first two.

The middle ones are a little bit rocky.

So Cast Away's average rating, and I'm shocked by this, is only 3.8.

Really? Well Terminator 2 gets a 4.2.

Wow! We both gave Cast Away a 5/5...

And T2 gets a 4.5 from me and a 4 from you.



On a scale of sports we're talking low end is a dented ping pong ball...and high end is a volleyball. How iconic is this scene?

Regardless of how we've ranked this Terminator scene it is still iconic.

It is.

So, we're talking a giant tennis ball. You want one, but you don't know why.

And I'd say the scene in Cast Away is a baseball. You know what you're doing with it, but it causes some pain. If you catch those buggers wrong they bloody hurt. Plus, a baseball is super iconic.

CAST AWAY - giant tennis ball TERMINATOR 2 - baseball



Cast Away 3-1 Terminator 2

One of the most emotional scenes in movie history is between a very bearded man and a volleyball. That scene shapes the entirety of the film; before it we know that the plot is building towards an emotional climax. And then after the scene the mood changes and emotion rises, leaving audiences crippled over the events they've just watched unfold.

This is one of Tom Hanks' best performances, which is a testament to the film. It's incredible the amount of emotion that Hanks puts into the entire moment, after all it's an inanimate object with a face...sorry to make it real, but it's the truth.

That's two Tom Hanks scenes already, how many more will we see in the first round?

Current Standings: G - 2 E - 3



Cast Away available now on NowTV and Sky Movies

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