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Scene Standoff: Finding Nemo vs. Psycho

The moment where Marlin and Dory meet Bruce the shark in 'Finding Nemo' vs. that infamous shower murder in Alfred Hitchcock's 'Psycho'.

If you've clicked on this wondering what's going on, then click on the link here to read the rules of the Scene Standoff:

Bruce - Finding Nemo

Marlin and Dory have overcome their first obstacles as an undynamic duo, and then they come against a Great White shark. He's an Australian shark named Bruce with Anchor and Chum being his trusty sidekick. They invite Dory and Marlin along to what feels like an AA meeting for cannibalistic fish. Because remember, "Fish are friends, not food!"

- Ellis' scene

The shower scene - Psycho

Marion Crane hopes of starting a new life, and ends up at the notorious Bates motel. It is there that she takes a shower, and a mystery killer attacks her. The music is high-pitched and abrupt and although black & white, you can still picture the burst of crimson on the shower floor.

- Gareth's scene


Ellis - italics

Gareth - bold


The performance in Psycho is great. Her face when she turns around..."bloody hell!" Although I don't think she says bloody hell.

It would be better if she did. There's not many more iconic performances than her performance.

The whole scene is set up beautifully.

For Finding Nemo, there's better vocal performances elsewhere in the film. Bruce is great as is everyone in that scene but the fish tank scene, or the Crush and Squirt moments have better vocal performances.



This scene in Nemo is a big thing character wise for Marlin, but besides that it isn't that necessary.

Nothing happens to the plot because of it.

And what about Psycho?

Well the whole film is based on this murder.

The film wouldn't be iconic without this scene either. That's why people know the film.

FINDING NEMO - 2/10 PSYCHO - 10/10


For Finding Nemo, you've got "Fish are friends, not food".

And just saying "Hello" in Bruce's Australian accent.

And "Intervention".

It's not not referencable...if that makes sense.

Yeah! They're pretty famous quotes.

Whereas Psycho, if anyone's picked up a knife that's slightly larger than normal, you make the sounds that you hear in that scene.

Every time!

And then it's also referenced in pop culture all the time. It defined the Horror genre as well in a lot of ways.

FINDING NEMO - 8/10 PSYCHO - 10/10

POPULARITY (using Letterboxd for reference)

Psycho is a 4.3/5.

Finding Nemo is a 4.1 so Psycho wins on popularity.

There's four Psycho films apparently. Anthony Perkins is in all of them.

No way! Have you seen them?

No! He directed the third one. That's not a good sign.

That shows the studio's given up.



On a scale of things you find in a bathroom, how iconic are these scenes? So top end is probably a rubber duck, bottom end a fridge. If there was a fridge in your bathroom you'd be like "Why?"

I'm going with a whirlpool bath. Imagine if you walked into your new bathroom and there was a whirlpool.

What a luxurious answer.

I'm not a big fan of baths, I get far too hot.

I wasn't until recently...lockdown has changed me. The Finding Nemo scene isn't too iconic so I'm going with a bath bomb. This scene is one of the most disruptive scenes and a bath bomb disrupts your bath.

Imagine one of those in a whirlpool.

FINDING NEMO - bath bomb PSYCHO - whirlpool bath



Finding Nemo 0-5 Psycho

As we've already said, without Psycho, the horror genre wouldn't be defined in all the amazing ways it is today. It is the pinnacle of Alfred Hitchcock's career and whether it's your favourite of his or not, Psycho is definitely the film to have left the biggest impression on cinema.

Pixar films are not easily beaten, and here Psycho has won in every single category, leaving no room for Finding Nemo to show off even a little bit. That is truly a testament to how iconic this scene is. Everyone has seen it!

Never has a piece of music become such a cliché within its genre. We've all heard those famous screeching violins; if not because of this film, then because of the countless other films that have payed homage to it.

Current Standings: G - 8 E - 12



Psycho available now on NowTV and Sky Cinema

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