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Scene Standoff: The Sixth Sense vs. Home Alone

The moment when Cole chillingly whispers "I see Dead People" in 'The Sixth Sense' vs. Kevin's infamous aftershave scream in 'Home Alone'.

If you've clicked on this wondering what's going on, then click on the link here to read the rules of the Scene Standoff:

"I see dead people!" - The Sixth Sense

Bruce Willis' character Dr. Malcolm Crowe sits beside Cole's bed, waiting for him to tell his secret. And when he eventually does, it is not what Crowe or the audience are expecting. He eerily whispers "I see dead people" and proceeds to tell Dr. Crowe that he sees them all the time.

- Ellis' scene

Kevin in the mirror - Home Alone

Kevin sings into his hairbrush, slicks back his hair and prepares for his day of troublemaking and playing house. His final step is to apply aftershave to his face, and as he does this he screams the house down. I mean, no-one really knows why he screams; the kid hasn't actually shaved...but it's iconic nonetheless.

- Gareth's scene


Ellis - italics

Gareth - bold


So performance wise for the Sixth Sense, it’s very creepy. The delivery is terrifying.

That scene splits people; you either understand what’s going on at that point or it completely passes you by.

Bruce Willis has that smirk on his face that he always seems to have.

Bruce Willis is one of those men that when he whispers his voice turns really high-pitched.

He is. What about Home Alone?

For a kid he’s pretty good. Quite the opposite to creepy.



Without "I see dead people" the whole film doesn't work.

And in Home Alone you don't have the face scream thing without this scene which was the poster.

Were they so confident in that scene being iconic that they put it on the poster?

Well it's not used in the same context so maybe it's just coincidence. The whole scene isn't especially necessary though.



“I see dead people” is not something I reference on a regular occasion but it is referenced in pop culture. It is a very famous quote.

And for Home Alone it’s other scenes that you can reference more like “KEVIN!” Especially if you know someone called Kevin.

Or “Keep the change you filthy animal.”

Home Alone 2 is full of things to reference too.

You know they’re making a Home Alone remake for Disney+ with the kid who played Yorkie in Jojo Rabbit.

Ahh that will be brilliant.


POPULARITY (using Letterboxd for reference)

So what is Home Alones average rating?

It’s a 3.7.

Really? Sixth Sense is a 3.9.

I wouldn’t have expected it to be that high.

No me neither.



On a scale of children's TV shows. So top end of the scale we're straight out with Teletubbies or Andy Pandy.

I thought we were going to show our ages with very different eras of kids TV shows to reference but you've picked Andy Pandy from the 60's.

But they brought Andy Pandy back 17 times or something.

What a surname...Pandy.

If your surname was Pandy you wouldn't name your kid Andy would you!?

No you wouldn't.

Anyway, back to the films.

*laughter for a while*

Right...Home Alone...what's a mischievous TV show? Did you ever have Get your own back?


I'm going with that.

For The Sixth Sense I'm going with Worzel Gummidge. It's iconic in its own right but it is bloody creepy.

The new version of that is great.

I was thinking the Jon Pertwee version.

I know I know, just a little off-topic recommendation from me.

SIXTH SENSE - Worzel Gummidge HOME ALONE - Get your own back



The Sixth Sense 4-0 Home Alone

Not only an iconic scene but such an iconic quote. In one of Bruce Willis' most memorable performances it's a cold, chilling line that sticks with the audience.

Although paired together for their child leading roles, these films couldn't be further apart in genre, style and comedic value...but both are performed brilliantly. The timidity though in the way that Cole prepares to speak the line makes everything more chilling.

To our recollection, this and The Shining are the only Horror/Thriller movie scenes to have made it through to round 2. There may be more to come but to beat this scene will need more chill, and maybe a little more Bruce Willis. He'll crop us on that one.

Current Standings: G - 7 E - 10



The Sixth Sense is available on All 4

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