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Scene Standoff: Top Gun vs. Up

The moment where Goose and Maverick perform that jet headstand in 'Top Gun' vs. the beautiful Married Life sequence in Pixar's 'Up'.

If you've clicked on this wondering what's going on, then click on the link here to read the rules of the Scene Standoff:

The jet headstand - Top Gun

Maverick (Tom Cruise) and Goose (Anthony Edwards) have one of the most iconic bromances in movie history. And this moment epitomises their relationship. As they use their skills to see off some rival pilots, this amazing stunt is performed in which one jet flies upside down on top of the other.

- Gareth's scene

Married Life - Up

One of the most heartbreaking, wonderfully told stories of all time comes in the first 10 minutes of Pixar's Up. We follow Carl & Ellie's relationship, from the moment they meet, all the way to the moment that Ellie passes away. Seeing their relationship blossom without an utter of a spoken word is remarkable.

- Ellis' scene


Ellis - italics

Gareth - bold


The animation of this sequence in Up is still brilliant; the music is one of the greatest pieces of film music ever written. Credit of course to the incredible Michael Giacchino.

Also, just because it's animation doesn't mean it can't score highly on the performance side of things. The animators have to find all of those beats that are so emotional.

What about Top Gun?

Well...they're having a good time. They chase someone off and then he takes a picture on his polaroid. I'm a bit indifferent about the whole scene, which I shouldn't say when I should be fighting its' corner.

TOP GUN - 3/10 Up - 9/10


Without this sequence in Up, the rest of it would be pretty crap.

I've got to say, not long after this it gets a bit rubbish. Once all the dogs get involved...

It's this sequence that has made Up so iconic.

It's almost like one of their shorts. Whereas Top Gun I don't remember it being hugely necessary apart from to see their friendship and flying capabilities.

TOP GUN - 5/10 Up - 10/10


Now this Top Gun scene has been replicated many times in pop culture; most recently in the Aldi Christmas advert.

All the famous quotes don't happen in this scene though.

It is referenced in a sense it's parodied but not in everyday life.

TOP GUN - 6/10 Up - 2/10

POPULARITY (using Letterboxd for reference)

Top Gun is a 3.3/5.

That is surprisingly low. That's the most I've been shocked by the average rating.


Up is a 4.1.

It should be the other way round really.

TOP GUN - 3.3 Up - 4.1


On a scale of means of travel; so low end of the scale would be walking, that's not very iconic. But really iconic would be a Lamborghini or Aston Martin I guess...

Or a helicopter!


Well for Up I am going with a hot air balloon. I feel like if you went in a hot air balloon the first 20 minutes would be great; the rest of it would probably be a bit boring, which is kind of how we view Up.

That's a really good link. I think it's quite a dangerous sport because when you're driving and you see one you have to keep looking at it.

Yeah you try and follow it.

For Top Gun I'm going for a middle of the road jet.

So not very iconic?

For the scene alone no, not particularly.

TOP GUN - middle of the road jet Up - hot air balloon



Top Gun 1-4 Up

The third Pixar film to make it through to the second round. There is just something about these animated gems that people can't stop thinking about. They're full of charm and sometimes one scene can be the reason that the whole film is rated so highly.

Up is full of beloved characters and some other well-renowned moments however the opening Married Life sequence is one of the most sincere in the studios history. It could've quite easily existed as it's own short but it aids the film it features in beautifully.

Perhaps round 2 will see a Pixar battle, in which Up takes on one of the Toy Story films. But which do you think would win? let us know by getting in touch.

Current Standings: G - 7 E - 11



Up available now on Disney+

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