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Scene Standoff: Toy Story 3 vs. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

The climatic moment where the toys face their fate in the incinerator from 'Toy Story 3' vs. the already famous dive when Miles becomes Spider-Man in 'Into the Spider-Verse'.

If you've clicked on this wondering what's going on, then click on the link here to read the rules of the Scene Standoff:

The Toys in the incinerator - Toy Story 3

As Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear performs his final dastardly deed, the rest of the toys end up falling into a waste incinerator. A group that have become beloved household names now bravely turn to face impending doom; and when it seems there's no way out, "the claw" arrives.

- Gareth's scene

The Dive - Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Miles Moralis has been building himself up to this moment; the moment that defines any version of the web-shooting superhero's origin story. And that moment is the becoming of Spider-Man. And in a gorgeously triumphant moment, he jumps from a high building, and dives towards the floor, without a worry in the world.

- Ellis' scene


Ellis - italics

Gareth - bold


Well Toy Story 3 is absolutely devastating isn't it? It is well performed from a visual perspective.

But they don't say anything!

No they don't.

The graphics for this whole sequence where Miles properly becomes Spider-Man are wicked. And the shot when he's jumping and the screen is upside down...I don't know why it's genius but it just is.

Both films look brilliant...

But there's a lack of vocal performance to give them perfect scores.

TOY STORY 3 - 7/10 SPIDER-VERSE - 6/10


The dive scene is arguably the most important scene as it transitions the film into having Miles Morales as Spider-Man.

And if you took the incinerator scene out of Toy Story 3 then you wouldn't have as much of an emotional anchor. You realise as well how much these toys mean to you as a viewer.

TOY STORY 3 - 8/10 SPIDER-VERSE - 8/10


I couldn't reference either.

Maybe at the time with Toy Story 3?

The only thing maybe is "the claw". But they are re-using a quote from the first Toy Story.

We're talking 1's and 2's here.

TOY STORY 3 - 2/10 SPIDER-VERSE - 1/10

POPULARITY (using Letterboxd for reference)

Oh yours (Spider-Verse) is a modern classic; I bet the average rating is well high.

Yeah the average rating is 4.4.

It's a 4.0 for Toy Story 3.

I think 4.4 is the highest rating we've had in any film we've done so far.



On a scale of Christmas cracker toys...lowest being that monkey quiz thing, and highest being one of those curly fish.

The first thing that springs to mind are nail clippers, but they're always rubbish and never work.

I'm going to go for the curly fish, you know those mood ones.

And I'm going for one of those plastic frogs that you press the back of and they jump.

TOY STORY 3 - curly fish SPIDER-VERSE - plastic frogs



Toy Story 3 3-1 Into the Spider-Verse

Two animated giants of a modern generation have done tense battle, but only one can prevail...and it's beloved Toy Story 3 that reigns victorious.

The whole Toy Story franchise is full of iconic moments; a scene from the first instalment has already made it through to round 2. But this scene really feels like the pivotal moment in the franchise. This group of toys mean so much more to us than we perhaps realised, and for a moment it really feels like Pixar are about to kill them all off. As sequels go, both Toy Story's got it right, a feat that only few film series' have managed to accomplish. And now, this franchise has filled at least three generations with joy and laughter, and it's moments like this one, that make it so easy to love.

Current Standings: G - 5 E - 6



Toy Story 3 available now on Disney+

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