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Sound of Metal ★★★★

Darius Marder

Starring Riz Ahmed, Olivia Cooke, Paul Raci, Lauren Ridloff, Mathieu Amalric, Tom Kemp

Riz Ahmed has been exploring two different characters and stories concerning disability with his latest two movies. Previously, in Mogul Mowgli, the story explores heritage and culture, while this picture, Sound of Metal is all about the personal effect a life changing event can have and it is truly spellbinding.

A drummer in his prime, Ruben Stone (Ahmed) suffers quick and permanent hearing loss with his whole world turning upside down overnight. His partner, Lou (Olivia Cook), along with a home for the hard of hearing helps Ruben come to terms with his world of silence.

The first third of the movie is difficult to watch as Ruben is in complete denial about his diagnosis. Most people will connect with the desire to get back to normal when everything is crumbling around them, and Ahmed plays this wonderfully. In fact, this is a career defining performance for him as you truly feel what he’s going through at each step which is at times heartbreaking.

The only thing that can possibly top Ahmed’s performance here is the sound design, done by Nicolas Becker. Never has a story been so intertwined with its sound; flitting between full sound and silence is at times enlightening and at others terrifying; but all in all a beautifully intelligent way to approach the subject matter.

A story that deserves to be told, Sound of Metal should be on everyone’s watch list for those nights where you want to watch something a little deeper to gain some life perspective and learn a little.

Sound of Metal available now on Amazon Prime

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