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The 2010's in Film: a 'talkabout' preview

Gareth runs down the most recent episode of the 'talkabout' podcast by showcasing some of his film picks from the 2010's

After three decades of action, teen angst and little hobbits, we've arrived nearly bang up to date with the latest in the series of the best of the decade podcasts on 'talkabout'. If you have listened to any in the series up to now, you'll know that it's always a struggle to put these top lists together and that it takes a good few months of watching and re-watching all of the classics to separate the Into the Spider-Verse from the Spider-Man 3's.

But separate them we have and I'm personally super excited to share the list with you! The way it works is that myself, Gwilym and Ellis all create a top 20 list of our favourite movies from the 2010's. From there Ellis does some spreadsheet work (that I personally don't understand) to come up with a joint Top Ten. It therefore saddens me to say that not all of my films will make it on the list. However, I wanted to share some of the highlights of my choices which will hopefully inspire you to watch, re-watch or create your own list.

My List No. 9 - Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Ellis and I went to see this during its Dolby Atmos re-release and it was absolutely insane. The soundtrack is off the charts and goes to another level when you turn it up to 11. All of the small nods to comic books and anime add layer after layer of fun to this underrated classic. I'll be a bit gutted if this doesn't make it! WE ARE SEX BOB-OMB!

My List No. 8 - Get Out

This movie has helped redefine horror for the 21st century. It's creepy, edgy and progressive which makes it a true game changer and decade defining. Daniel Kaluuya is fantastic in this movie and it's so great to see him go from strength to strength with Judas and the Black Messiah.

My List No. 7 - Star Wars: The Force Awakens

This is a bit of a controversial choice but I flipping love this movie. Yes, I know it's basically a repeat of A New Hope and yes, I know it's not overly groundbreaking but I remember just how excited I was to see a new Star Wars movie. We all got wrapped up in the hype of it and let's face it, we all had a great time, right? Seeing all of the old characters and the updated CGI was spellbinding and something I'll always remember.

My List No. 1 - Whiplash

I've only watched this movie once but it had a profound impact on me and it's been one of my favourite films ever since. The performances are career-defining by all involved. Somewhat overlooked at the time, it tells the story of a young drummer who is searching for perfection at any cost. It doesn't sound like much right? But if you haven't seen it, watch it late, watch with wine and just let yourself won't regret it!


So, what do you think your Top 20 would be? Click the link to my complete list below or hit the link for the newest episode of 'talkabout', to see where my list fits in to the overall Top 10.

My List -

62. Top Ten 2010's Films w/ Gareth - 'talkabout' -

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