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The Blog about Friends: 10 Best Episodes

Ellis picks his top 10 episodes of the TV show Friends.

Friends is one of, if not the most rewatchable television show of all time. I have watched the show four times, however the fourth occasion was a little different.

Upon my third watch of Friends I began to note down any episodes that stood out. Whether they had major moments in plot development, hilarious sequences or emotional beats, anything that felt noteworthy was jotted down. I ended up with around 40 episodes that stood out above the rest.

This had set me up for my fourth rewatch. As great as the show is I didn't want to watch this a fourth time when I could be dedicating time to a new show, so I decided just to rewatch the 40 shortlisted episodes. Whilst watching each of those 40 I began to score them. A few things could grant an episode a point: an audible laugh, goosebumps, iconic moment/quote, great acting or writing. The highest scorers created this Top 10 list.


The One where No-One's Ready (S3E2)

Alternative Titles: The One where Monica calls Richard, The One with Ross' Big Night

Points Scored: 17

Iconic Quote: "Could I BE wearing any more clothes?" - Joey

Best Moment: When Ross has nagged at Rachel enough times, begging her to get ready for his big night stating that "he doesn't care what she wears", Rachel calmly turns and re-enters her room. When she emerges from the room next, she is wearing comfy clothes. Ross panics, and the awkwardness of the scene that follows is pure gold.

The One where Ross is fine (S10E2)

Alternative Titles: The One with the Adopted Son, The One where Frank Jr hasn't slept

Points Scored: 17

Iconic Quote: "The only thing weird would be if someone didn't like Mexican food because I'm making fajitas." - Ross

Best Moment: When Ross returns from the kitchen with a cooking dish full of hot food, he forgets his oven gloves in his drunken state. He just laughs it off however until the next morning, when as he predicted, he feels the burn.

The One with the Embryos (S4E12)

Alternative Titles: The One with The Game, The One with the Lightning Round

Points Scored: 15

Iconic Quote: "My sister's gonna have my baby!" - Frank Jr.

Best Moment: Chandler and Joey have won the game, and gradually they begin to move their stuff into their new apartment. And as the chaos ensues of Phoebe's brother arriving to find out if she is yet pregnant with his baby (not quite how it sounds), Monica opens the door to Joey and Chandler, straddled on top of the white, ceramic dog as they wheel themselves into the room in expert style.

The Last One: Part 1 & 2 (S10E17)

Alternative Titles: The One where Monica moves out, The One where Rachel goes to Paris

Points Scored: 14

Iconic Quote: "I got off the plane." - Rachel

Best Moment: When Monica tells Chandler that they need to leave their keys, the rest of the group return theirs, exposing to the couple that they've always had access to their apartment, despite the face the door never seems to be closed.

The One the Morning After (S3E16)

Alternative Titles: The One with the Wax, The One with the Trail

Points Scored: 13

Iconic Quote: "Someone needs to take me 9:00, because it's like 9:15 and I'm not there." - Phoebe

Best Moment: The whole episode is essentially two scenes. One of which is Monica, Joey, Chandler and Phoebe waiting in Monica's room whilst the other is Ross and Rachel in the main part of the apartment trying to figure things out. And when Rachel decides to order pizza, and Ross requests no anchovies, Rachel slyly asks for extra anchovies on the pizza and in the sauce.

The One with the Football (S3E9)

Alternative Titles: The One the Geller Cup, The One with Thanksgiving for Four

Points Scored: 12

Iconic Quote: "42 to 21, like the turkey Ross is done!" - Monica

Best Moment: When four of the Friends return to the apartment to eat their Thanksgiving dinner, Monica and Ross are left clutching onto the ball, neither of them willing to let go. And as they argue into the cold night, it begins to snow.

The One in Barbados (S9E23)

Alternative Titles: The One with Rachel & Joey, The One with Two Proposals

Points Scored: 12

Iconic Quote: "You don't own a TV! What's all your furniture pointed at?" - Joey

Best Moment: Monica and Mike go against each other in a table tennis contest for the ages, but before the last point, Monica injures her hand. Chandler steps up, and though Monica still belittles him stating "he sucks", Chandler goes against the odds and beats Mike for the final point, winning the game for Monica.

The One where Paul's the Man (S6E22)

Alternative Titles: The One with the Wedding Venue, The One with the Dry Cleaners

Points Scored: 12

Iconic Quote: "I'm not freaking out. Why would I be freaking out? A woman named Hildy called and said we were getting married, but that happens everyday." - Chandler

Best Moment: When Ross is hiding in Paul's room, he has to crawl under the bed and under Bruce Willis' incredible showboating. He poses in front of the mirror, singing "I'm just a love machine" and flexing his muscles as much as possible. He really is the man...and this moment is one of the most iconic cameo moments in the show's history.

The One with the Prom Video (S2E14)

Alternative Titles: The One with the Bracelets, The One where Monica has No Money

Points Scored: 11

Iconic Quote: "See! He's her lobster!" - Phoebe

Best Moment: When the prom video reveals that Ross got dressed up to take Rachel to prom without her knowing, this confirms to Rachel her feelings. She stands up, walks to Ross and kisses him. This is met with an eruption of joy and by Phoebe saying "See! He's her lobster."

The One with the East German Laundry Detergent (S1E5)

Alternative Titles: The One with the Double Date, The One with the Double Dumping

Points Scored: 11

Iconic Quote: "Uberweiss. It's new. It's German. It's extra tough!" - Ross

Best Moment: As great as Ross and Rachel's "first date" is, the real episode stealer is Chandler. He downs as much coffee as he possibly can to help him get through his breakup with Janice. The further along the episode goes, the more hyperactive Chandler becomes and the crowning moment comes when his nervous energy prompts an accidental smack round the face to Janice.


talkabout with Ellis & Gwilym

33. The One about Friends w/ Becci

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