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The Map of Tiny Perfect Things ★★★

Ian Samuels

Starring Kyle Allen, Kathryn Newton, Jermaine Harris, Josh Hamilton, Cleo Fraser

What would you do if you had to repeat the same day, every day? The question that was once philosophical is now a way of life as we wake up to another day of sitting about our homes. If ever a time-loop movie is going to be relevant, it's now; and although you would think that this would be a movie you'd like to avoid, The Map of Tiny Perfect Things is a refreshing change and a fun addition to the coming-of-age genre.

The story is strange at first sight. We meet Mark (Kyle Allen) having lived his Groundhog Day life for some time already. Then one day, while going about his daily routine of saving a girl from falling in to a pool he finds that there's someone else in this world who is also living in a loop. Mark and Margaret (Kathryn Newton) spend the rest of the film getting to know each other while creating a map of perfect moments that they can revisit every single day.

Although it doesn't feel like this plot would work, director Ian Samuel and writer Lev Grossman do a good job of making the world believable and enjoyable. This isn't something to watch if you're looking for authenticity as it's pretty cheesy; however the endless sunshine, the style and the quirkiness will be a vehicle for many of us to revisit the long, hot rose-tinted summer days of our teenage years.

As we move towards the final act things do get a little saggy. Mark seeks to make himself a better person although he didn't seem that troubled to begin with while Margaret's character actually does begin to make more sense as she battles with the day she is forced to repeat. There are also some plot holes (how on Earth did he make all of that stuff out of cardboard in less than 6 hours? Don't tell me those art students helped him out).

Nevertheless, this is a nice film that isn't half as bad as you would imagine!

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things available now on Amazon Prime

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