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The Pope's Exorcist ★★★

Julius Avery

Starring Russell Crowe, Daniel Zovatto, Alex Essoe, Franco Nero, Laurel Marsden, Cornell John

Seeing Russell Crowe on the face of a new movie is always a nice surprise. His laid back, no nonsense interviews over the years have seen him appear as a casual superstar. It’s easy to forget just how formidable an actor he is.

Crowe is the title character in this horror/thriller which sees this exorcist battle a demon unleashed by accident in a new renovation project from an American family who have just moved to Spain. Think The Conjuring meets Grand Designs.

It starts off strong, with Crowe showing that most people who think they are possessed are not. But this exorcist has seen a thing or two, and knows a demon when he sees one.

Facing possible exile by the church, Father Gabrielle (Crowe) is called to Spain to see if this new possible case and things go down hill from there.

There are some chilling moments, with the possessed boy, Henry providing most of the scares, played excellently by Peter DeSouza-Feighoney. Crowe is the one keeping us in our seats though. He is a powerful figure here and lifts every scene he is in (which is most of them!).

The final act is at times bizarre as the plot’s secrets get revealed. If it is going to lose any of its audience, it will be here. Although still gripping, it becomes more and more far fetched which will not be for everyone.

Definitely worth a watch, Saturday night thrill ride. The Pope’s Exorcist is a solid horror that, although not genre defining, ticks enough of the boxes for it to be a fun ride.

The Pope's Exorcist available in UK cinemas now

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