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Top 5 Daniel Kaluuya Performances

Counting down our favourite film performances from Daniel Kaluuya

One of the hottest new talents on our screens right now, actor Daniel Kaluuya has already won an Oscar, already starred in a big Hollywood franchise, and already won the hearts of so many from his talk show appearances and awards speeches. He first found acclaim appearing in TV shows like Skins and Black Mirror, but his movement on to the big screen has had us gripped. He is yet to turn over a bad performance and with new release Nope, what better time to count down his Top 5 roles.

"He has some of the best acting eyes in the business." - Ellis


5. W'Kabi

in Black Panther

"The world is changing. Soon there will only be the conquered and the conquerers."

A standout film in the MCU, and although Daniel Kaluuya's role isn't full of screen time, he adds another layer to the story when he is. He definitely showed his marketability and his ability to hold down a role in such a big franchise, and he acts as a left-field antagonist in moments to T'Challa.

He always feels like a vital part of the cast and the community that is Wakanda.


4. Slim

in Queen & Slim

"I think everything is destined."

The movie itself does wander off course a little in it's second half, but that is no fault of Daniel Kaluuya and his stellar performance. He has so much energy and his chemistry with co-star Jodie Turner-Smith is excellent. The opening scene really establishes his character and it's maintained throughout with real grit and emotion. The film is commenting on so much more than just Queen and Slim, and it's Kaluuya who guides an audience through that.


3. OJ Haywood

in Nope

"Don't look him in the eye."

As has proved to be the case, Jordan Peele is always saying more than is apparent on the surface in his movies; using story to express metaphor and transcending narrative.

Daniel Kaluuya is the protagonist of this story and he finds timidity in a shy, unconfident character whilst still being aware of the sheer size of the film he's in. In the closing scenes he also hints that perhaps a future as an action star could follow.


2. Fred Hampton

in Judas & The Black Messiah

"Words are beautiful, but action is supreme."

Kaluuya gives a fully-rounded, effortless and true performance as Fred Hampton, the leader of the Black Panther party. His presence is felt whenever he's on screen but when off screen too, as we're shown just how powerful and influential the character is, all through the enticing eyes of Daniel Kaluuya.

This movie is the one that won him the Oscar, the one that gave him a real name, and the one that made him a legend.


1. Chris Washington

in Get Out

"I'm not going to leave here without you. I'm not going to abandon you."

Not only did this film change the horror landscape but also the horror performance. The shot here is one of the most iconic shots in film history, and that's all down to Kaluuya's acting. Just in this single shot you can see his incredible performance in every inch of his face and the fact it's a still shows his talent.

It's a groundbreaking performance and a movie that will always stick in the memory.


Worthy Contenders

Films that came close, but for whatever reason, didn't quite make the cut

Tucker (Johnny English Reborn)

Kaluuya's first major role was great, just not as impressive as the others

Jatemme Manning (Widows)

Daniel Kaluuya is exceptional in Widows, there's just not as much of him. Watch the rapping scene to see just how good he is!

Bing (Black Mirror)

Not technically a film, but a one-off performance that is weird and mind-bending

Get Out is available to rent or buy now

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