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Top 5 Films of 1987

We rank the films that released the year that Focus Film's Gareth was born

December, 1987...the world hadn't yet been graced with the dulcet Welsh tones of our very own Gareth Bradwick. But as soon as he took his first breath, baby Gareth uttered "Oh...don't put this baby in a corner will you!?" and it was at that moment that his mother knew, he was destined for a life loving film.

But Gareth wasn't the only masterpiece born in 1987: Dirty Dancing, Evil Dead II, Predator, Full Metal Jacket...just to name a few.

We created our list of the Top 5 Films of 1987 on a recent episode of The Focus Film Podcast where we justified our logic and our ranking. But for now, here is the list! - click here to listen to the discussion


5. The Princess Bride

Directed by Rob Reiner


It's cheesy and naff in all the best ways; taking the mick out of the adventure-romance genre whilst still making a compelling story of its own. There's a fine line between spoof and homage and somehow The Princess Bride doesn't fully commit to either, but still creates something charming, fun and pretty hilarious.

Every character is full to the brim with electric energy and the set pieces are ridiculously inspired.


4. Withnail & I

Directed by Bruce Robinson

"Right you f**ker, I'm going to do the washing up."

Another comedy swoops in at fourth place and this one is a British cult classic. With Richard E. Grant and Paul McGann leading the charge and having an incredible presence in all of their bickering scenes.

But amongst all of the humour are melancholic moments of pure sadness and gloom. Shrouded by a constant cloud of fog, this film is darker on the inside than it seems on the out.


3. Dirty Dancing

Directed by Emile Ardolino

"Nobody puts Baby in a corner."

If your reading this and you're at a point in your life where you haven't seen Dirty Dancing you need to change all of your evening plans and watch an absolute classic.

It's peak 80's cinema and full of iconic quotes and moments that maintain their prowess upon rewatch after rewatch. The chemistry is electric, the soundtrack is spectacular and it has a closing scene to rival so many others. Also, Baby carries a watermelon...


2. Evil Dead II

Directed by Sam Raimi

"Swallow this!"

Trapped by the studio to make a sequel to his horror classic The Evil Dead, director Sam Raimi decided to think outside the box, and remake his terrifying first with a comedy remake. Same plot, same lead, same concept...but funny.

That comedy comes in part because of Raimi's magnificent brain but it's also because of the genius of Bruce Campbell. He is one of the best to ever turn his severed hand to physical comedy and his performance makes this film "groovy"!


1. Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Directed by John Hughes

"Well, let me just close this conversation by saying you are one unique individual."

One of the only true Thanksgiving holiday movies, Planes, Trains & Automobiles is an under-appreciated classic in our eyes. When you combine the comedic forces of Steve Martin and John Candy it shouldn't be a surprise how much this dynamic works.

There's a bedroom scene with the iconic "those aren't pillows" moment and that just sums up the film really; pure comedic, Autumnal joy.


Worthy Contenders

Films that came close, but for whatever reason, didn't quite make the cut


Arnie fights a predator in a film with more testosterone than you can shake an M16 at.

The Lost Boys

It's a lot to process but one of those classic 80's movies.


Gareth picked this one, and he just laughed through his explanation...says it all.

Planes, Trains & Automobiles available to rent or buy on Amazon Prime Video

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