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UK Film Releases: July 2023

Here's a rundown of every major movie release coming to the big and small screen in the next 31 days.

Well the time of Summer blockbusters is truly upon us. If you thought June was full of big movies, July is about to throw you off a bike as it shoots off a cliff...too niche a reference? Well I'm talking about the next Mission Impossible film. This one is supposedly as adrenaline-fuelled as Top Gun: Maverick, and that's no surprise when on their first day of shooting Tom Cruise threw himself off a cliff whilst mounted on a motorbike. Plus there's the strangest battle in cinema release history as Greta Gerwig takes on Christopher Nolan, we finally get our British eyes on Pixar's Elemental, and some green, adolescent, reptiles Ninjutsu their way into the multiplex. There truly is something for everyone, so if you can, get yourself to the cinema and feast your eyes on the giant screen!


7th - Elemental | Insidious: The Red Door

10th - Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One

21st - Barbie | Oppenheimer

28th - Knights of the Zodiac | Talk to Me

31st - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


7th - The Out-Laws

14th - Bird Box Barcelona

19th - The Deepest Breath

21st - They Cloned Tyrone

27th - Happiness for Beginners

28th - Hidden Strike

Prime Video

4th - Prisoner's Daughter

25th - You Hurt My Feelings

Now TV / Sky Cinema

1st - The Integrity of Joseph Chambers

23rd - Sharp Stick

28th - Maggie Moore(s)

other recently released Films added to streamers

Black Adam (NowTV/Sky Cinema) 7th

Broker (NowTV / Sky Cinema) 8th

Armageddon Time (NowTV/Sky Cinema) 15th

Babylon (NowTV / Sky Cinema) 21st

Till (Amazon Prime) 24th

Highlight of the Month - Barbie vs. Oppenheimer

Which will you do first: the strange, enigmatic, Margot Robbie fronted film about plastic dolls or the Cillian Murphy fronted thriller that will see a 4D experience like no other? It's the conversation that's been rattling film fans all over the world, in what could be one of the best marketing stints in recent times. The fact that both are coming out on the same day is bound to compliment two types of cinema-goer; it's all very exciting.

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