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UK Film Releases: September 2023

Here's a rundown of every major movie release coming to the big and small screen in the next 30 days.

So, August is behind us! And as filmlovers, we should probably be quite happy about that. We've never really felt blockbuster fatigue like it, with Blue Beetle, Gran Turismo, Haunted Mansion and more all getting fairly low numbers at the box office. Now, with the Hollywood strikes still ongoing, September is full of streaming releases and indie projects, as just a couple of blockbusters have broken through. Stath & Sly are back in a fourth Expendables movie, Kenneth Branagh's A Haunting in Venice is the newest outing for his Poirot and an intriguing comedy Dumb Money are your main cinema options this month. Still, as ever, we're super excited for another month of film. But, if by some chance there are any Hollywood execs reading this, or anyone at AMPTP...let's pay those writers and actors what they're worth hey!


1st - Passages | Cobweb | Apocalypse Clown

7th - Past Lives

8th - The Nun II | My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3

10th - How to Save the Immortal

15th - A Haunting in Venice | Rally Road Racers

22nd - Dumb Money | Expend4bles | The Lesson | The Canterville Ghost

28th - The Creator

29th - Saw X


15th - El Conde/The Count

22nd - Spy Kids: Armageddon

27th - The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar (short)

Prime Video

22nd - Cassandro


22nd - No One Will Save You

Now TV / Sky Cinema

22nd - God is a Bullet

Apple TV+

29th - Flora and Son

other recently released Films added to streamers

Tár (Now TV / Sky Cinema) 1st

The Little Mermaid (Disney+) 6th

Scream VI (NowTV/Sky Cinema) 8th

80 for Brady (NowTV / Sky Cinema) 9th

Knock at the Cabin (NowTV / Sky Cinema) 15th

Spin me Round (NowTV / Sky Cinema) 17th

Evil Dead Rise (Netflix) 21st

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On (NowTV / Sky Cinema) 23rd

65 (NowTV / Sky Cinema) 29th

Assassin Club (NowTV / Sky Cinema) 30th

Highlight of the Month - El Conde / The Count

We've got with a rogue film for September's highlight. El Conde or its English translation The Count, is a Chilean Black Comedy Horror about dictator Augusto Pinochet...a vampire seeking death. The trailer released just a few weeks ago and it looks pleasantly horrifying and beautifully well crafted. Bring on September 15th!

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