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Wander Darkly ★★★

Tara Miele

Starring Sienna Miller, Diego Luna, Tory Kittles, Brett Rice, Vanessa Bayer

Sienna Miller stars in a story centred around a couple in a troubled relationship. They are forced to reckon with trauma through looking back at their lives and trying to rekindle what they had lost.

*It is difficult to talk about what makes for an interesting story here without giving any spoilers so look away now and come back once you've watched it!*

This film as a whole will be taken in different ways depending on the viewers life experience. By telling the story though Adrienne's (Miller) eyes, it means that two thirds of the film is disorienting, scary and laden with anxiety. It deals with the severe physical and mental health issues that can occur with major head incidents; this would be a cathartic and perhaps painful experience for those who have gone through anything like Adrienne and her family have done, and it's an important story to tell.

Miller acts her part beautifully with heart and soul in what could be a career-defining performance, while Diego Luna is a great match as her partner, Matteo. Beyond those the ensemble isn't seen too much which isn't a detriment and merely adds to the claustrophobia.

The final act lets the plot down somewhat with a twist that takes you out of what feels like a true story up to that point. The constant trips down memory lane also become tired very quickly as you are left wishing that they would tell you the next element in a slightly different way.

Make sure to have something light lined up after watching this one as it shows the naked truth of suffering severely with mental health while also being peppered with existential themes throughout. However, it's definitely worth watching for a lesson in perspective and some great performances!

Wander Darkly available now for £4.99 on PVOD

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