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You People ★★★

Kenya Barris

Starring Jonah Hill, Lauren London, Eddie Murphy, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, David Duchovny

It’s been a minute since we were treated to the kind of comedy that would fly off the DVD shelves of supermarkets across the country. The kind of comedy that won’t be changing the world, but the kind that we need for our pizza-fuelled Friday nights or to talk about at work.

Jonah Hill and Eddie Murphy are the poster boys for a story about finding love, cultural clashes, generation gaps and societal non-conformity. But there is an entire ensemble cast along with comedy heavyweights that have come out to have a lot of fun in this picture.

Julia Lois-Dreyfus is brilliant as the out-of-step mother, Lauren London is an equal match for Jonah Hill, while David Duchovny almost steals the show as he proves himself with his musical taste.

Eddie Murphy is a big presence and does the confrontational Dad part effortlessly. Murphy and Hill have surprisingly good chemistry so hopefully we see more from them in the future. Hill himself is great too; his comedy doesn’t miss a beat and his awkward mumbles fit him better with age.

This ticks all the boxes for a modern comedy. While not an outright classic, it’s contemporary and endlessly watchable.

You People available now on Netflix

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